The Only Thing I Dream About

The only thing I dream about

Yet keeps me up at night

Is the samething that haunts me

The same thing that makes me fight

Sometimes I wish I didnt have such a need to make things right

Sometimes I wish I didn't see the things I do each night


The only thing I dream about 

Are homeless on the street

The children with no families and no shoes on their feet

Mothers trying their best to provide but can't seem to make ends meet

Those in third world countries with nothing at all to eat

Why can't we lend a helping hand, why must we be consumed with greed

With all the world suffering it's amazing I get any sleep


The only thing I dream about

Are those who end up black and blue

Those who get beat up for everything they do

The kids who have to watch their parents scream and fight

Sometimes their cries are the only thing I hear at night

A world full of so much hatred, why can't we get along

I just shut my eyes and hope this nightmare won't last too long


The only thing I dream about

Are those boots that hit the dirt

Only 18 years of age,but diving in head first

Those soldiers who will never make it home to their moms for supper

Those who do come home, yet never fully recover

All of this violence, the guns, the platoons

Maybe if I dream hard enough it will all end soon


The only thing I dream about

America the free, with such an ugly face

Where we are oppressed for things we cannot help;

Sexuality, gender, and race

Where love is a sin and color decides our fate

A false facade of freedom and we all took the bait

Afraid of the police, those meant to keep us safe

It is no wonder I stay awake so late


The only thing I dream about

Is the only thing we lack

The only thing that can help me get my goodnight's rest back

The only thing I need and yearn for in my bones

Is change so we can help things be better than before

Maybe I'm just a dreamer, but it's obvious we need reform

Change to help the needy

Change to help the poor

Change to help the abused

Changed to help the soldiers

Change so there is peace

Change so prejudice is subdued

Maybe if we make a difference and the world a brighter place

I would find peace when I go to sleep and I'd be ready to face the day


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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