Only Night

As the Stars hit me, I looked at them, cornered and far.

I sat there and I trembled, even the doors to heaven ajar.

They mocked my weeping, the bastards, and I was solidly scared,

And yet they didn't move, I looked and they were still there.

But even then, I stood up, I yelled with all my might,

"Hey you, quit your staring, you belong in the night!"

They blinked, but stood their ground, twinkling on and on

I knew they would stay until the sun arose, sprinkling the dawn.

I remembered, then and there, that even darkness carries light

The Stars were never evil, but they still put up a fight.

The Moon poked her head up,

"Child, what are you doing there?"

"I was scared, but now I'm not. I'm admiring the midnight fair"

"But why were you sad, my dear?

It's only night, do not fear."

"Your children, they're the stars, correct?

They were taunting me," I said.

"Oh yes, they tend to tease. Don't let it go to your head."

She smiled and rose up higher

Her silver light illuminating the ground

I realized, then, that even in darkness, beauty may be found


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