The Only Jump That Counts

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:11 -- jmcveen


The chill from the propeller

Up at jumping altitude

Runs down the body, up my spine

And electrifies the mood


More thoughtful, buzzing turbulence

Than square fields spread below

There’s a glance from her then I send one back

So I’m pretty sure she knows


The life we knew is beneath because

Of our hearts that beat as one

As we pass Cloud Nine we’re interrupted by

That sliding metallic thud


Young passionate love’s most common mistake

Is to fly forever in clouds

But the truth is, to stand the test of time,

There’s only one way down


If this were our first we’d have no fear

But yesterday’s pain distracts

When we scratched and pulled but the chute never filled

And we hit life dead in our tracks


But old lovers are gone, and now it’s just us

Covered in bruises and dreams

No pilot, no guidance, just gravity

To close this distance between


Soon we’ll learn the heat of our spark

When we touch the fields below

Either flicker and die in a cloud of dust

Or ignite and never let go


The light is green, the moment has come

We decide to jump as one

For the climb is chance and falling is fate

But the jump is tandem and fun


So in love and in life, it seems to me,

When the gravity of challenge is clear;

And your heart brings you opportunity

That makes you shiver in fear…


We must stretch out our arms, and curve our back

For in leaps of faith there’s a trick…

Surrender yourself to the thrills of life.

… Now that’s what makes me tick!


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