Only In Darkness


In darkness they arise 

the shadows of the night 

a darker shade of black

their movements silent 


faces of evil appear 

in the corners of where the light flickers 

as if touched by some being 

that does not exist 

strange noises become louder and louder 

like footsteps on pavement 

getting closer and closer 

images of ghostly smiles 

shadowed dolls and monsters

under beds 

the sound of your heart beating 

pounds harder and harder 

the sweat trickles down 

from the crown of your head 

and burns like acid as it enters your eyes 

you rub and rub 

until black dots appear 

rest your soul 

shut your eyes these creatures of yours 

will leave by sunrise 

sweet dreams little one 

for only in darkness 

do these nightmares appear


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