The Ones Who Sit Alone

Nobody sees them, it's as if no one cares

Alone they sit, no shine in their eyes

They sift through a book, they look at their phone

The clock can't go fast enough

For the Ones who sit alone


My heart breaks as I see them there

A room full of people and nobody sees

The cafeteria screams and grows

Kids come and go

But alone they sit, and nobody knows


I feel their pain, it reaches my soul

The heartache, the heartbreak, a melancholy Tone

I sit by my friends but its as if I am

As if I am the One who sits alone


I don't want to be seen

My skin crawls at the thought

What if they notice that I don't have any friends

Humiliated my cheeks go red

And yet all the while there's a burning Hope

Please, oh please notice me

This loneliness, I just can't Cope


I'm brought back to a time

Of broken Reality

I remember the pain, the soul-wrenching hurt

I was lonely, tired, by myself

I felt bruised, broken, alone, and abused

I was no one, useless, weird, and awkward


For someone to say hello

was like a ray of hope

And then they began, they're mouth just ran and ran

“Who are you, what do you like?”

I couldn't think, what did I like? Who am I?

Will they like me, I just might Cry

What if they laugh? No, instead I'll just be shy


That time of my life has come and gone.

No more do I sit Alone

But I know what its like to glance at your phone

To stare at the pages of some book

To sink in your seat, not wanting to exist


So maybe that's why I see them there

And maybe if others Knew, they too would care.


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