The Ones That Were Left Behind


United States
26° 1' 52.446" N, 80° 15' 56.106" W

A world too
Constructed by
Egocentrism, and evil.
Failure no longer frowned upon,
Greatness no longer a character,
Heros only existing in cartoons.
Ignorance too abundant.
“Just let it be” says the world.
Kids full of worry and insecurity, and
Lonely with no parental figures.
“Mom, where are you?”
Nowhere to be found.
Only if we’d all stop to realize how our world is falling apart.
“Please!” the generation cries.
Quietness fills the air as nothing changes.
Restless some will not give up.
Silent I will not be.
This is the world we live in
Unfortunately for some it is too late.
Violence attacks. TV and video games making
Willing kids kill.
Xenophobic- we call them aliens. But,
You can make a change.
Zealous our world could be and sane, if we worried less about aesthetic and materialistic
nonsense and more about our own improvement.


Enigmatic Pariah

I can certainly relate to the sentiment being elucidated within this poem.

It is a beautifully crafted, critical examination of humanity's current condition. 

Well done.

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