One of you and a billion others

Water, air, and wind. You are sitting on this Earth alive, breathing every second of every minute.

There's one of you.

You have a heart. Can you hear it? It's pumping blood, working every second of every minute. 

There's one of you.

Look in the mirror. See those eyes? That's how you see the world around you.

Explore it!

The soil in your hands. The smell of the grass. The sound of the cold ocean brezze . The sand between your toes. 

Can you feel it?

There's one you!

There are a billion other people who can't walk, who can't see, who can't hear

You are worthy!

Make use of those arms.

Go play ball.

Make use of those legs.

Go run!

Make use of your sight

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the city view from up above. 

Listen to me, the life you are living now is going by quickly through every second of every minute 

There's only one of you!




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