One Word

Mon, 10/08/2012 - 15:07 -- iz2423


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I took a scrap of paper and on it wrote just one word,
I went to put it in my pocket, to save for a harder time.
But just as my hand reached to put my treasure safe and close to me,
A gust of wind stole my word and blew it far away.
I can only suppose to where it went,
To another city, another land, to Timbuktu, from me to you.

My words took wing and fluttered from my pen to someone’s feet,
Where when someone picked up and read, a smile my word would meet.

One word, my little paper read: LOVE
Just this and only this.

My little paper spoke my heart and shared from it many things:

My love is like an ocean, infinitely wide and deep,
My love is like a pillow, comfort on which to sleep,
My love is like an avalanche, overcoming, overwhelming,
My love is like the stars at night, bright, but out of reach,
My love is like babbling brook – come, come and wade with me!
My love is like an orchard – come, come and pick some fruit!
My love is like a rainbow, a golden end to be sought,
My love is in everything – go find something in which it’s not!

And maybe my little word was taken and thrown away,
But I know that one day it might be found again – some day.
My little lovely paper which expresses all my heart,
It lets someone, somewhere in this great wide world know that they are not alone,
For I am here and I am there, all around, in everyone,
And with my love you can go and grow a garden of your own.
And take those leaves and share them, let them grow thick with ripe young fruit,
And then give it to a passing stranger, and he too will know my word.

And give my love to someone new, and share it far and wide,
Because my love is not something to be kept high on a shelf,
It should be cast like dandelions to the wind,
And with each seed it can grow more love therewithin.



This is a beautiful poem! Have you ever thought about turning it into a short story or even a song? My favorite part is where you write about all the things your love is. Wonderful!

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