For The One Who Bought Me A Painting

He bought me a painting

He bought me a painting of a girl

Long blonde hair and

No face



Being twirled

By a man


He bought me a painting

And I left it in the box

The blue taunts me


I left it in the box

For days and more

Until I took it out

When I was ready


I took it out

And I set it on the floor

Propped face against the wall

When I was ready


He bought me a painting

That I finally turned around

Looking at me

From the floor in the corner

And it stayed there

Until I was ready


I moved it beside my bed

And it's the first thing I see when I wake

And when I sleep

And one day

I'll hang it up

And it will grace my wall

Because it's beautiful


Until I'm ready

It will stay by my bed


It sees me


I see him


He sees me


I see it


Until I'm ready

I look away



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