The One Who Beat the Odds

Some think that life is like a chess game.

One wrong move and it's "game over".

While sometimes true, I believe in second chances.

When the world says it is too late, and failure is the only option,

I would tell you otherwise. 

God made a perfect world that turned its back on Him.

But He was patient- He waited thousands of years to rescue us.

Then He sent His only, sinless Son Jesus down to earth.

Jesus came, not as a powerful King, but a humble Rabbi.

He died an undeserved death on a cross and was buried.

But God's plan wasn't finished.

No, Jesus rose again after His battle in the grave!

He conquered hell, vanquished Satan, and took back His Kingdom!

And never again we do have to fight our battles here alone,

For we serve a risen King, who was victorious,

And promises to never forsake us, but is with us always!

So, yes, life is hard and unpredictable.

But God is good, unchanging, and constant through our trials.

He understands our pain because He has felt it Himself.

He beat the odds.

So can you.

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Our world


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