One two three

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 18:31 -- N1sand

One, two, three

The devil is at my door.

Four, five, six,

Why the hell did he leave sticks?

Seven, eight, nine

He left a note with one word "Time"

Ten, eleven, Twelve.

The clock strikes and I'm in Hell.

Burning sticks 

and little demons turning tricks.

The clock strikes seven.

Now I'm in heaven?

God speaks and the clouds depart.

"You are my greatest work of art.

Next time check through the peep hole

After all the Devil can be a donkeys hole."

What's this another note for me?

"Wake up! It tis nothing, but a dream!"

The clock strikes six

Now I wake up feeling sick.

Geeze what a strange dream.



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