One of Those Days


No more giggles

No more laughs

Alone in my world

I found myself fast

From CA to GA

In my own little bubble

Friends were a luxury

Relationships in rubble

Sophomore year is no joke

People all seem fit

In groups that go back


But me

I had no pack

New faces stared

Not unkind

Just unaware

They passed me by

Until I was left

Hopeless in the hall

Trying to open

A locker on the wall


Tears of frustration

A year of pain

I finally decided

To make some gains

A conscious choice

To grow

To thrive

I became thankful

That I was alive

I took that journey

Made friends along the way


I reflected

I learned

That friends take effort

But hard work pays

Somehow I discovered this

My 15 year old brain

I grew up that year

On one of those days


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