One Thing

There is one thing,
That matters the most,
It makes my heart sing,
And can leave me a ghost.


I can't live without,
My best friend, Ashlee,
She's always about,
Without her life would be trashy.



Ten years of friendship,
We've lasted thus far,
She's helped me with many a hardship,
And was there when I got my first car.


She helps me be me,
And gets me through life,
Without her I know where I would be,
Facing pain and strife.



She keeps my thoughts from being dark,
And helps guide me when I've lost my way,
On my heart she's left a mark,
And there is only one thing left to say,



Thank you my friend,
For being truely one of a kind,
Never letting our friendship bend,
And being the best person I could ever find.



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