One step, two steps

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:24 -- kbranco

One step, two steps

The poem begins

Three steps, four steps

The lines are short

Five steps, six steps

The emotion begins to show

Seven steps, eight steps

The words are powerful

Nine steps, ten steps

The tears start to swell 

Eleven steps, twelves steps

The emotion is evident

Thirteen steps, fourteen steps

The pain is clear

Fifteen steps, sixteen steps

There is loss and there is love

Seventeen steps, eighteen steps

There is acceptance and there is anger

Ninetten steps, twenty steps

There are feelings demanded to be felt

Twenty-one steps, twenty-two steps

There is exploration between the lines

Twenty-three steps, twenty-four steps

There is imagery that transports

Twenty-five steps, twenty-six steps

There is darkness and there is light

Twenty-seven steps, twenty-eight steps

There is laughter and there are tears

Twenty-nine steps, thirty steps

The poem ends, and we are left with wonder

The poem is a personal story being told

A story that gives us a glimpse

Of the hardships and the happiness

A story that evokes emotion

A story that demands attention

A story where we can relate

But, above all, poetry is

A story that bares all for the world to see

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