One Step Closer to Falling In

We are like cans of soup
collecting dust in a discarded mart
once, when the day was sharp
our pencils pushed the poem
beyond a feeble flight of emotion
into the grand promise of new suns
before we allowed the space to shrink
enough to think that pouring hearts
brought validity to our rooted pain.

I am a vagabond of endless streams
a river of restlessness, a mess as she would say
but, I can jump and grab the moon
I can dance between three stars
while playing ping-pong with my days.

It is not enough for satisfaction
not enough for me to say "Cheese"
I still long for something finer
something more than incomplete.

Between the fibers of a well stitched dream
there is still space enough to breathe
space enough for the light to shine
I wear it as my soul dress, though
at times I have balled it up and thrown it
in a wild, rushing, angry, river
headed for the seas of no denial.

What is that you might find today
something more than all regrets combined??

One can only hope that you open like an envelope
that your letter reads of roses, blooming bright,
growing wild past the fence, free and easy,
red and vibrant, proud and pleasing,
as if to say, "I am worthy of this color."


I saw you in a dream last night
dressed in gabardine, windswept hair
your virtues are still a secret to yourself
though, I have laid them on my table,
pieced them all together,
until the art of you looked well enough
to place upon the mantel of my mind.

In the haystack days of hot suns and cloudless skies
the thought of infinity is not hard to accept
why is it then, I still feel my love as temporary,
even after I've regretted one or two good byes?

The day is silk dressed, we are worthy
of something more than playing chess.
Pour me a glass of Pino, let me rub your tired limbs
and say nothing. I will learn to listen to
the conversation you are having with yourself.

Then, I will be sure that love is for falling in.
I should have realized long ago that its purpose
is more about sailing off into a sunset
or diving into a volcano fearless, naked,
where all the world is changed in one moment
as the fire of love lights our way forevermore.




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