One Step Back


United States
39° 32' 58.092" N, 84° 25' 39.972" W
United States
39° 32' 58.092" N, 84° 25' 39.972" W

You were the one who was gonna save my heart

Instead you broke it into a thousand parts

Every time exactly the same

But I thought you were different the first time you said my name

I fell but you didn’t catch me

You opened your arms but they didn’t wrap around me

Now who am I supposed to be?

Tell me, tell me

What did I do that wasn’t good enough?

I thought I was stronger, much more tough

But I became so vulnerable, so weak

And my heart began to leak

And I couldn’t stop myself from imagining and hoping

From loathing and moping

You tore me apart like a birthday card

But what was inside wasn’t good enough

I’m sorry; it’s always so rough to not realize what you are getting into

And now we are both regretting

Every time I have to jump from a higher place

Every time I’m farther behind in the race

Every time it takes longer to pick myself up

And then I get a little stronger

But I hate having to be strong because it feels so wrong

Always having to fake it, to move on, to keep moving along

I don’t want to step forward

I wanna go back


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