One Small Note

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 09:56 -- acairo8


the kid in the back of the class

too shy to talk to the other guys

too skinny to be on the football team

too scared to talk to the pretty girl;

long light brown hair and hazel eyes,

tanned skin and a white bow.

hands trembling, tears a piece of notebook paper,

writes “you are beautiful.”

tries to cheer her up,

the girl and her boyfriend just broke up.

quietly slips the note into her bag,

worried she won’t see it,

nervously pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose,

fumbles with the last button on his flannel shirt,

mind racing all through class.

picks up his textbooks and heads out the door

all of his books fall to the floor

an ugly sneer and ugly names.

She smiles, picks up the books, helps with the struggle.

says nothing, nothing about the note.

The end of the day, standing near his locker, head down.

She rushes up, gives him a hug,

whispers, “thank you. thank you.”

he smiles, hugs her tight.

a small note can make a big difference.



this poem is amazing. i really liked it.


This made my cry. This is an amazing poem.

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