One Sip and Burst! Culture.


Hot and steamy, Korean coffee,

Sip. whoosh!

The sound of the subway lingers...

Sizzle, sizzle, spicy rice cake cooking, 

mouth waters as I reach for a bite. 

Sip. Sounds of the cherry blossoms, 

whirling in the wind. The heat felt on my

hands and cheeks, walking up to see the tower. 

Sip. Chatters of old korean ladies talking rapidly.

Crunch! The small cold and wet cherry tomato the ladies gave me,

gets chopped between my teeth. 

Sip. Bright colorful souvenirs in front of my eyes. 

Korean culture presented and as I take it in, I hear

vendors yelling on the side.

Sip. Sitting at my workplace with a cup of

Korean coffee in hand. 

One sip and burst! A cup of coffee filled with the culture,

I fell in love with. 


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