One Simple Change

Fear must be the way of life.

To trust no one, to put up a fight.

Never believe the grins upon their faces.

They are fake and only reel in the kindnest.

This is what is taught in my household.

To trust no one, to put up a fight.

But this is not my nature. 

Why can't loving be alright?


Why can't people be accepting?

Of every race, gender, and sexuality?

Why do the caring people of the world, 

must be watching their backs constantly?

I simply do not understand,

why man does not act with intentions of peace.

Why man would rather go to war,

and play the blame game when in defeat.

There is no way to win the war through battle,

it is all just a trap.

But if there was no battle,

victory would remain intact.


I wonder,

Why am I to nice for my good?

Why can't we all end this contant fight?

I would not change the world,

Or create an object for world peace.

Because we already have possession of this object.

I know it, I can see.

I wish people would be more open,

to accepting one anothers beliefs.

And to displaying acts of kindness,

instead of celebrating others acts of defeat.


I know if I had my way,

this is what I would change.

To make people see the good,

inside of every being in every way.

I know this is nothing huge or spectacular,

but it is just one simply change.




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