the one from my dreams

Somedays, when I think I’m alone,

When I feel all alone,

When I know It’s just me against the world,

I close my eyes and I picture your face,

And what you’d say to me on a day like this.

Whether I’m trapped in a classroom,

Or stuck on an island,

I always seem to feel stranded in some sense. 

It always feels like I’m helpless.

And sometimes I forget

To think about you,

And what life will be like when we’re finally together.

But when I do remember, 

Everything gets better,

Because I know I have something to work for.

You’re the reason I can get through the bad days,

And why I cherish the good ones. 

You’ve gotten me through a rocky past,

And I can see you on the other side of my future.

Even if I have to wait for you forever,

Or even if I never do find the you I see when I fall asleep,

I know I’ll always have you.

I know you’re always with me.

So I’ll continue to take you wherever I go,

Because you’re all I’ve ever had,

And you’re all I’ve ever needed.

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