This is what I know

That you are one in a million

That you are charming and beautiful

Others say gorgeous, stunning, pretty, striking

The list is long

Your eyes would make the bravest man shy off

Your voice is heard by the heart

For the ear could not withstand its melody

Your body is perfectly done


But there is something

Far better than beauty

For beauty is like a rose flower

Awesome in the morning

In the evening it is dry



You are a girl of value and principles

I also know of your kindness and respect

Your hospitality can’t be hidden

Your leadership as a candle in a dark room

You are irresistible


Above all

You know your God

Though rare in this present age

You fearlessly talk of him

I assure you this

He will never leave you

Forsaking you is impossible

Fight by you to the end he will

To your grave with you he will be

And in the last day raise you


Always keep this in mind

You are a gift to the world

A present to the nations

Armor to your family

A guide to your friends

Light to those who know not light

Model to the young

A salt to the flavorless

The righteousness of the most high


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My family
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