One In A Million

When I wake up, I don't think about how I'm gonna impess the world.

I wake up knowing I am a beautful girl.

When I look in the mirror the person staring back at me,

Is not what the world exactly percieves as pretty.

My reddish orange hair, freckled face, and pale skin,

Standing next to the perfect blonde, I'll never win.

That's just at first glance.

Some don't give the full sized barbies a chance.

What the magazines and media aren't realizing,

Is that me being chubby and outspoken is beautifying.

What is perfect?

Is ruining our self-esteem worth it?

I am who I was meant to be.

And that is me.

Starting with my sometimes frizzy hair and baby blue eyes,

Down to the strech marks on my hips and thighs.

I am my own definition of perfect in every way.

So is everyone, no matter what anyone has to say.

Beauty ranges in many sizes, shapes, and races.

 So don't just focus on one, be a little creative.




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