One Of Many

The turn of a familiar corner

Produces your unexpected face.

LIke a kiss from chaos,

Hope abandons me,

Ousted by the crippling fiends:

Shame and regret.

Our eyes briefly embrace,

And I am paralyzed by your

Cold, distant gaze.

I grope for any promise of reconciliation,

Knowing I will find none.

Mercy has yet to touch you,

And I am drowning in the sea of my anguish.

I loved you, my heart grieves,

And I broke us.

I am branded with the injustice of my selfishness,

And I silently weep for your pain.

Oh, the victim of my greed, 

The casualty of my egocentric ways,

The martyr of my self-love,

You are just one of many.


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