One Man Army

Almost 7 years


7 years and yet I still lay in tears.

I never really had the life

where my dad would hold me and tell me everything's alright.

Bumps and bruises followed by kisses and hugs.

Almost 7 years and I'm still praying to the man above.

However I refuse to let anyone in on my fears.

In my eyes, I will always have my dad

and he will always be here.

Call me naive,

but that possible guilty plea

has a huge affect on me.

Call me naive,

but in this case

my daddy prays and that puts him in a strong lead.


I could give a damn

about uncle sam and his Army of wuss.

See my dad,

my dad is the true meaning of a One Man Army.


7 years and yet I still lay in tears.

7 years with the same old fears.


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