One of a Kind


One of a Kind

            Smug like a man

            Crazy like a goat

            Yet you reap my heart

            A good friend


            Cunning, clever, daft

            Premier weather patterns in my life

            One which way I can’t decide

            A bit dry here then wet there


            Via cold

            Via hot

            We go through life nonstop

            Even when you shower my feathers


            Make me wait

            By mistake

            Laugh it off

            Or have me cough


            You’re like a brother

            Me and you, cryptic in a simple way

            Imploring to stay away

            Out of trouble


            Neglect the system

            So you do

            Cuts and bruises make their mark

            Remember to stay sharp


            I nominate you in many ways

            Wield a word “Respect”

            From my heart unto you

            One of a kind, so you knew



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