One Job For ME

We all live for this moment, this thing we call a dream

Some people make it happen, some let it flow downstream

You call it a dream job, I call it loving your own life

cause if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life

For me I want to be teacher, and have my artwork in the galleries

Have all my friends and family saying that they are so proud of me

to make this a reality I know I will have to work

Stay in on Friday nights and become bestfriends with my books

The college life is great and not like it is in the movies

you can't party everyday and still complete your student duties

Saying no the parties and keep my life on track

because the day this happen I can never look back

Attend every class I have even if i don't like it,

7 a.m in the moring and I am sleepy but I still have to fight it.

New places and different faces and the social lifestyle is nice

but I can't let everybody in my brand new life

Money might be tight, i'm on scholarships and a side job

19 and independent didn't take long to say bye mom

A new start , a new me, a different mindset so it seems

I will do whatever it takes to make my dream a realitiy




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