one job can change a life...


They say one job can change a life...

My life?

Firefighting, Teaching or Policing,

Dancin or Writng, producing or preaching...

All of these jobs can change a life but, what about mine?

It's the job of being caring human that can really chane a life.

There are enough Lawyers and polticians to keep the country running

It's the caring humans we are lacking,

The simple act of holding a door open or letting someone into traffic,

The Job so simple anyone can do.

This job can make bad days better and smiles brighter

It is the job of being a caring human that can change a life

It can change my life...

It's a job that always loses to ambition and greed, it's rarely praised or even acknowledged

But it changes lives... yours... mine...everyones...



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