The One I Used to Call My Friend

To The One I Used to Call My Friend,


Today I buried our time capsule

Tomorrow I will bury my feelings for you

Someday, your body


Our friendship already gone

Had we really been friends all along

All contained in a cardboard box

Your countenance, lineaments, and vox


Something that used to be so clean

Containing every single dream

Filled with dread instead

And all of the worries in my head


You did this to me

Your naturally golden hair

Wrapped around my heart, ensnared

I used to hold you in such high esteem


Palms grasping mother earth

Picking up clumps of dirt

May my fingernails dirty

As i clean myself of this filth


Like a casket i lower it

The time capsule I hope to forget

Leaving it for another

How I hope someday

You would mean nothing to me


As my teeth and skin decay

Our memories will fade away

That part of our lives assimilating into mother earth

Merely a box in the dirt


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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