For The One I Lost

Today I lie
              On my bed
Pain swarming
               In my head
Wishing you were
Somehow here again
Have you forgotten
Do you not know
Pain makes all things
Weave together in
Seamless chaos
Bits of you
With bits of them
This that there
My dear one
Has love forgotten me
Here alone with
Only memory
Where is your shoulder and
Where is your smile
Where is your laugh and
Where is your wile
You left me
                 I understand
She pulled you
                 In sinking sand
That's not fair
Not right
I know
It's pain
You loved her
                    I think
She loved you
                    I wonder
You loved me
                    I hope
I love you
                    I know
My love
My love
Wherefore art thou
And other shit
You're gone
Leaving me here
Pain, swarming
Killing me
.....then slowly again


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