The One I Fear

I know of a man who hunts his prey, silently. He wants to steal your dignity. Strip it from you like he owns it. Like he owns you. He knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to take it away from you. He doesn’t ask. He doesn’t hide his malicious intent, either. Because he doesn’t have to. There will always be someone that he can take advantage of. Someone too innocent to recognize the warning signs. But this man I do not fear.


I know of a man who loves power. He climbs up a ladder that he himself has created. He walks around like he is on top of the world. Each day he goes higher, stealing his piece of it. He’s greedy, and he’s always taking, never giving. He desires more power, more fame. He consumes it until it has destroyed him. But this man I do not fear.


I know of a man who is good at pretending. He tells you he loves you and that you are his everything so much, that you hear it in your sleep. You hear it around your throat, choking you because you were disrespectful, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He gives you everything, so that you don’t have to ask him for anything in return. But this man I do not fear.


I know of a woman who is selfish. She is only out to serve one person in this life. When you meet her, you instantly connect, as if a friendship ‘meant to be.’ You think no one could be so compatible with you. You think you have found the best friend ever. But she lets you down. You find that she only looks after herself and she is only for herself. The bond you thought you possessed is broken, it wasn’t as strong as you thought. And you feel vulnerable, because you willingly gave your trust to her. But this one I do not fear.


I know of a woman who doesn’t understand what being a mother really is. She lives life carelessly, stepping over those who need her to be a stepping stool for them. She acts like she has it all figured out, that she is the one with all the answers. But she doesn’t know that her child has nightmares. Or that all those times she wanted to go to her friend’s house was because she wanted to escape her life at home. She doesn’t know about all the times that child locked herself in her room to blocked out the fighting. And she doesn’t know that it hurt the child inside. But this one I do not fear.


The one I fear cannot take away my dignity. He cannot take my money. And he cannot break my bones. But he can destroy my soul. He can make me forget who I am and what I stand for. Where I come from and where I want to go. He can hide, but he doesn’t need to. He can pretend, but he doesn’t need to. He can’t give me confidence and he can’t take it away. But he can make it dark. He can close my eyes and ears. He can guide me blindly down an unfamiliar path and he can destroy me forever. This is the one I fear.

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