One I cant live without

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 15:35 -- jasmck

loving, protection and comfort all that you give me

never selfish, nor greedy

your love for me forever felt

even on bad days because of your sons welts

even through my fathers death

I can always think of the pain

leaving me and my mom with none left to gain

a period of darkness left over me 

empty, seperated and mourning

I never knew why that had to happen

still I question why...

but I think about the promises from you the most high

I trust in you

I pray to you

I worship you

forever I live, I will need you

my new father, to many children you have

expressing your love in ways

to some who can't grasp

the one I can't live without

the giver of life

My father, who art in heaven

thank you for this life

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