The One I Cannot Live Without

Oh my sweet love and drug,
if I am without u I will surely die!
Our relationship is a give and take.
U give and I take.

Your presents can be at times sweet or foul.
I wish u would understand what I like.
For instance the delicious smell of vanilla,
or cotton candy, or maybe even freshly bakes cookies.

Sometimes u give me these presents and sometimes u give me spite.
I hated the smell of a rotting deer,
or the putrid remains of digested food.

Despite your spiteful nature I still can’t help loving you.
You give me the essence of what makes my heart beat.
Yes you fill my lungs.
You even support me when I mutter under my breath.

I know no matter how many times I may try.
I can never go further than a minute or so without you.
My love is a desperate one.
You will be with me till my last breath.

You are the reason I live.
When I draw my last breath and have my last thought
It will be of you
My precious air.

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