The One That Hurts

I know that every time someone says ‘liar’

they think of her.

But I'm the one that hurts. 

She’s the one who will make you believe anything

She will pull you into her sorrows

and drag you by your hair under her blanket of lies.

She will hurt your feelings,

and lie to your face.

Everyday I am hypnotized by her crystal ball of deception

I believe her when  she says “you’re worth it”

A little line,

that washes away all of her sins.

And makes everything between us ok again.

But I'm the one that hurts. 

I can still change things though.

I don’t have to listen to what she says.

I can walk away from her.

But I don’t. 

I allow her to lie to me.

I allow it to hurt me

Some days I wonder what life would be like for the both of us,

if one of us would leave, let go. 

I still smile, though. 

For I would feel guilty giving up on her.

So I stay, 

and I let her do to me what she is famous for.

She makes me feel like a helpless newborn,

incapable of movement. 

I feel like a puppet with my strings tied so tightly

my wooden frame cannot slump over.

I am her horse.

The one thing she knows will take her wherever she wishes to go,

no matter what.

As I stand aside

and she slaughters my dreams 

over and over again,

every day,

every hour,

every minute.

And I let her. 

But, despite her cruelty, and deception.

I am the one that hurts.

The one that suffers.

Somedays I think that I deserve the punishment for something I have done or will do.

But, I'm not sure.

So I sit aside and I hurt.

I am the one that hurts.  

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