One (Higher Soul)


I want to meet Miss Right

A woman who balances my stubborn ways

A woman that overcomes my adversities with me

A woman who keeps my peace and sanity

A woman who is conscious and aware of unhealthy paradigms

Capturing me in a spiritual embrace

Re-educating my perception of humanity

Moving into higher planes of being

Silence is our only sound

No more death, only living

My love is deep, like a mother's for a child

Bathing in her essence

Purging my mind and soul

Her love washes over me

Embodying truth, compassion, and intensity

A queen of virtue and wisdom

A revolutionary union

I'm in no more pain

My remedy, my source of comfort

My reason, my fight...


It's fun to dream



That isn't an impossible dream if you keep your heart and mind open you can find someone who does this for you. Who helps you and gives you comfort and just makes you a better person. Just don't go out looking for it cause life has a way of giving it to you eventually. With that said this was a beautiful love poem even if it wasn't directed towards any specific person. Was it?


No, it wasn't about a particular person. Just dreaming of that person and telling them they'll get reciprocity from me, if they love the right way. Thank you for the review, also. God bless.

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