One Father Is Strong Enough

One loving father is strong enough
to care for his hundred sons
zeal and enthusiasm are his weapons
to make their dreams come true
thunderstorm and typhoon don’t dare
repel him from his ultimate mission
beaming moon and galaxy of stars
relight his path in the darkness
glowing rainbow from horizon
always curious to see him smile
and shiny sun feels proud
by generating energy into his efforts
he always dreams of his sons
soaring above the blue skies
and teaches them unique lesson
to overcome failures and win success
he trains his sons to be strong enough
to always dream high
and never give up to face challenges
but when this strong father
approaches old age
his hundred sons are not
strong enough to care for him
one day strong father breathes his last
in the silent darkness and leaves
never to open his eyes again
to see his sons before departure

This poem is about: 
My family


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