One Decision


Body trembling from the cold
Skin clammy, eyes glassy
Goosebumps suddenly appearing on the surface 
Insides fluttering with so much excitement and anxiety
Heart beating like a bass drum
Thoughts moving through my head 
Is it worth it 
Do they really care 
Is life really just a mindless dare
Should I do it now 
Or should I wait
Should I think of others
Or only myself
What do I mean I this world 
So I mean anything at all
Am I a place holder
No not at all
I'm not good enough
To even be that
I'm a mindless mistake
With no hope for the future
I'm existing but not living
I'm here but not existing
Which is true 
If either at all
Should I stay
Should I go
Maybe I'll let you decide
Hmm... good choice
Good choice indeed
Go it is then my fellow enemies
On my way to an eternity
Now the hard part
Which to choose,which to choose?
Overdose,gunshot,drowned,poisoned,suffocated,car accident,beaten,lynched,burned,
So many choices
But only......
One decision


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