One day in heaven.

What will happen if I sneak into heaven?

I just want a glimpse of paradise.

A glance into my granny's eyes.

Maybe I could sit and listen to Whitney sing Bobbi Kristina a lullaby.

I want to tell Maya that because of her, Still I rise.

Left Eye, you traded storms for unconditional skies.

Nipsey's soul is still alive. Music lives eternally, his opened my eyes.

I'd put his song on the speaker and kick it, with all the kids who lost their lives before the age of 25.

Not guilty was what Zimmerman was found.

Trayvon, they should have your face on the cover of skittles by now.

We frowned at the sound of shots ranging at Tamir on the playground.

They took your voice from us Sandra Bland.

Obtaining an education wasn't even the safest at Parkland.

You had too much potential Lil Snupe.

Put up your hands, don't shoot. You taught the world how to put their guns down.

But it was with your life. I'm sorry Mike Brown. 

John Singleton your movies are classic, you will never go unnoticed.

I just want to hear you sing one song Otis.

That night at the Oregon district, to the innocent I'm sorry that your lives were took. 

Eventually a change is going to come, rest well Sam Cooke.

I just want to hug all the victims of 9/11.

Tell parents to reassure their kids even though they're in heaven,

they're still in their presence. 

Please cover them the most, life gets hectic.

Scandals are scandals, Michael Jackson was a legend.

 I'd tell Aaliyah she's still one in a million.

Sandy Hook has me shook, how can anyone target children. 

Even in the event of his demise Tupac was flawless.

I want to shake hands with Christopher Wallace.

I want to laugh with Bernie Mac, the original comedy King.

Maintain your innocence Botham Jean.

You're forever pain free, Kalief.

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, Muhammad Ali keep brawling.

Carpe Diem, Rest easy Robin.

Paul Walker was all smiles, until the speed captured his life.

To all the kids that committed suicide,

I'd sit them down in a group and let them know

it's just a battle that some win & some lose.

X, was only a kid.

I wish he was bulletproof.

Mac Miller's soul was beautiful.

I didn't get to tell Martin Luther I have a dream too, before his last breath at the Lorraine.

Prince, music hasn't been the same since Purple Rain.

You were an icon Kurt Cobain.

You have the fashion world in your palms like a clutch, Kate Spade. 

Climb because ain't no mountain high enough

I hope you know you still live in this decade Marvin Gaye.

Lil Peep's probably shopping upon the stars.

I'd ask Jimi Hendrix to teach me how to play the  guitar.

Uncle Phil you were a real one.

Fictional or not you taught men how to raise their children, even if they weren't' their children.

One day in paradise would make me realize that either side of life is a blessing.

That's how I'd imagine it'll be, if I sneak into Heaven.


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Our world


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