One Day

“You look like you have some muscle” 

he says as he grabs my thigh;

“Jeez you’re heavy”

he says as he picks me up high;

“that’ll go right to your hips”

she says as I eat some chips.


After all these things

you can criticize,

I look in the mirror 

and all I can see 

are the tears in my eyes

from your harsh words

that do nothing

but make me want to die.


But one day I woke up

to the bright blue sky,

and thought to myself

those were all a bunch of lies

from people who can only hide

when wearing their disguise.


You only say things to people

who you know you can hurt

because you’re able to hide

under your big t-shirt

with no worry;


but just remember 

karma is a b

and you’ll one day see

all the things you said to me.

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