one day

One day she thought she had the strength to proceed,One day she encouraged those who couldn’t believe,One day she lead a march for those who thought the possibilities where extinct,One day she chose to be the leader for those who she inspired,One day she reached the finish line and froze on what to do,One day she woke up and said this is not where it ends,One day she wore a vail predominantly to hide whatever she was feeling inside,one day  she  was awoken to the mysteries  that lied within her deep,One day the loneliness invasions her soul within so deep,One day the lies turned into cries,One day she knew her social media stories were a covet of her inner sorrows,and then, one day,she brought rejoice back into her life,She modified a piece to her story,One day it would be revealed,One day would be the day, she gains the courage,That one day she will learn to commit again,That day was wrong but it felt so right,That was a great day,One day was the beautiful feelings of the night,The day her decisions was finally made,The day of having no more days to put up with,Today is that one day. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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