One Day

One day, I want to fly far.

I want to go to a land full of happiness where my past disintegrates in,

gold comes from my scars, and my life no longer starves my heart.

I’d feel like a champion.

One day, my  interferes of discouragement no longer destroys me,

and my ambition tells me to keep on living .

When I finally show emotions

upon my lifeless appearance will flee,

my insecurities fades away, 

and my heart becomes forgiving. 

I no longer want to fantasize, cause I’m tired of 

being reliant on people

while you’ve been tired of my cries.

I no longer want to feel numb to pain,

and when people ask why I’m depressed 

there’s just some things I can’t explain- 

You’ve got your life together for the most part, you’re blessed-

When words like that hurt you

There begins the ache in your chest.

One day, I would like to feel alive 

To feel blessed. Feeling as if life weren’t such of a 


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My community
Our world
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