One Course Meal (Vegetables)


United States
26° 5' 23.6256" N, 80° 10' 54.9372" W

Vegetables are good for the body
So bring that head of lettuce my way
Make my body nice and strong
Keep me going on and on and on while I try to escape
The Garden of Eden
Where your roots keep me tied
Electrified by your arms
You must be eating that Popeye
Spinach no not chicken
Your cauliflower got me sickening
To my stomach and but wait
Pass me that V8
It just might do the trick
Greens don’t make the body sick
My skin’s glistening
And my thighs thickening
For peas, leaves, cucumbers-these things
Keep me lifted and strong
Beyond healthy
But this eggplant has forsaken me
This egg you planted has me weak
I can no longer compete
I can no longer continue
All my power I put in you
All your (clears throat)…you put in me
And although I may like carrots I am nowhere near a rabbit
But you had me like Trix
Trix are for kids… (Plus that’s cereal it’s messing up the mix)
But that’s just what this is
A trick
You fooled me into thinking that potatoes were chips
And your lies was the guacamole dip
And I skinny dipped
And I drowned in it
To be left Despondent
Squashed-into little pieces
I’m not your Butternut
Perhaps I should’ve given you a nut
But that’s not my head
I thought jam was made of fruit
Cause pain is what these “vegetables” have spread


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