One Chance One Shot


United States

I lift my pen off the surface of Fed Ex paper, while writing to the rhythm of countless gun shots being fired in the air. It reminds me that I write for the unspoken voices lost between sidewalk cracks, Lives chained upon my back for me to carry. I write for newborn babies cremated into poverty, Rainbows that only shine where the yellow brick road leads to. I write for the wish I could of, should of, would of, maybe or maybe not foundation. For my best friend that got shot at 12 O'clock on the block right before my bare eyes. I live for my community that moves in silence but tends to still creep through the big crowds and invisible shadows. I write for my friends whom choose candy crack besides purchasing a gown and cap, for the bums walking down streets with nothing to eat, half beat. I write for abusive relationships and little girls who mistaken love for lust, ages seventeen or younger. Over protective, brutal affection forced to be slammed into reality before self destruction. My words are written exactly to the broken hearts that society continues to walk on like egg shells and vinegar, Not realizing the broken pieces attached to their expensive Nike shoes. Sew my insecurities and cursive writing beneath your wool coat exactly next to the existence of your feelings. I write for the perfect families with family portraits over their fireplaces as well as foster care children and addicts walking down N ew York boulevard. My Words write me explaining the experience double spaced on one page in Microsoft office publications, Building a life inside ancient pyramids and Eiffel towers. Taste my life inside a pack of skittles and a Arizona tea. I write for every Black hooded sweatshirt, Trayvon Martin. I live for life as life lives within me, Not even the dictionary has enough words to explain Why I Write. This was My Chance, Now it is taken, Next.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautiful poem

you provided meaningful thoughts behind why you write

every connection you associated your reason to write was very impactful

keep writing


This is beautiful.  Thank you so much for sharing.  


My mind just got blown by this poem. The skills you have in writing such powerful poems like this to impact and influence all people why you write is phenomenal. Keep writing on my friend:)!!!


You write to stand up for the weak

If nothing else

And you try to give hope

In the essence of your talent.

You write well

And you have good reason.

I can do nothing but write for you,

Righteous stranger,

And hope that you succeed.

And write for you I will.

For you, and for everyone else on this earth

With a beautiful dream in their heart.




i was moved to tears this is an amazing poem

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