One Chance

All I've got is once chance

Once chance to prove them wrong 

On chance to prove to that little girl

the little girl I use to be 

that it is possible to succeed

They doubt me

They breal me down

Their words wound me

But I still stand tall

Ill take this once chance to prove them all 


damn them all

this is my chance

my one chance

I won't let them take that away from me

I will succeed

I will show the world

that there is nothing wrong with me

they should have never doubted me

because here i am standing tall

about to make them fall

the little girl tey tore apart

is no more

she is standing in front of them ready

ready to take her once chance 

and make a difference

that one chance will get her the job of her dreams

and move her up

and she'll be up theere 

kaugjing at them all

this my one chance

no one can take that away from me

no one 

not you

or you

or her 

or him

no one

this is my one chance

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