The One

  The river glistens in the moonlight

The wind wistels its solem tune

My heart  awaits for completion 

A hunger flows through like a vast sea

  never ending

   never satisfied

Only the one I live for

   The one i can't live without,

Can make me complete, 

    Make me whole.

Surely,  the one I long for

is My Lord God

Who calms the seas,

who calms the raging storm in me

My heart is empty without Him.

He who fills my being with light

A light of undoubtable hope

A hope that shines in the darkness of beasts and monsters.

A light of Joy

A Joy that's unexplainably marvious

like the view of  mountains, rapped in blankets of dew

         against the sun's embrace after a long journey,


This unexplainable, breath-taking Joy

causes my heart to leap 

and grants me with the energy to live 

A Joy that never ceases to form an upward curve on the window face of mine


A face that reveals my inner being.

All my feelings.

It sags when I'm in the shadows

and rises when I'm in the pressence of happiness.


This light overcomes all circumstances.

The circumstances of stress,defeat,worry, and self-dissapointment,

are powerless on the light's radiant glow.


Witout this God given pressent of light

    I am an empty valley

      no life

         no inhabitance

just clumps of mountains and the grain of the ocean.

Animals of tormental emotions and trails linger.

They overwelm me like predators

     circleing me 

           watching me 

   with the complete intention to break me down.



I was swept away by hands of unconditional 

          love and mercy

They lifted me up and held me close.

 with a single gental blow my pain and hurt were no where to be seen 

what was once my daily beatings were turned to a thing of the past.

Instead, they were replaced by tranquility and safety.

Those marvilous hands collected my broken peices and made me whole 

Those gracious hands of The One I cannot live without

in those hands am I.


The mouth of The One created the words of life

The words I long to know

for in them do I rejoice.

 For The One has given them to us.

in those words do i leap for worship

and cry for mercy

Those words wash over my heart of stone

smoothening it like a river.

A river of wisdom and great trueth

guiding me like a lamp in the black of night

and as the sun in the brightness of the day.

They guide me as the sun awakens in the break of dawn 

and as the light sets into the starlit night.

The more I read the more light I see.


The light of the one I cannot live without.

The One who is the begining and the end

the creator and the finnisher. 

The One 

The Only 


He bestows onto me the light of hope and joy

a light that can never be stolen away.

a word of uncapatable power.

With his unconditional loveing kindness,mercy, and being

at last




And Without Him I CANNOT Live.

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