Once Upon a Time Beauty Found Her Beast

Once upon a time a girl was seen as peculiar

Unlike all the other girls she focused more on her future

She walked down the street avoiding all the eyes

She normally had her head in an eBook rather than noticing the unworthy guys

Gaston was the evilest one of all

He thought he was the best because compared to the men in the village he was very tall

But he had another thing coming

He thought he was so cunning but in hindsight social media was always buzzing

Girls spoke of his wicked ways of ghosting

And his constant years of hoping

That Belle one day will become his

Belle may be compulsive but you must know she was definitely is a whiz

Belle knew that Gaston wanted her but she saw past his lies

All she saw was darkest and death when she looked in his eyes

She was forced to take care of her sick father but wanted to get rid of the extra weight holding her back

She wanted to go to college and travel the world so when her father was taken she was interested to learn of his attack

He went missing and at first she wanted to automatically leave

But something in her heart told her to stay and look for him and stop being naïve

In her search for her father she found a scary looking castle

Inside she found her father in a glass box looking beaten and frazzled

The medal door that could unlock her father was locked but soon enough a beautiful beast came to pay a visit

This beast was like no other besides the fact that it was very livid

Belle was scared for her life but saw a softness in the beast’s eyes, something resembling femininity

The Beast made her instantly squirm and Belle dangerously noted how this being made her really fidgety

The Beast felt it too

Since she was away from many people and lived in her castle this feeling was very new

The Beast was a gorgeous educated girl hidden behind a wicked curse

Because she cared more about her money and makeup in her purse

The Beast was infatuated and wanted to keep Belle longer

So she let the father go and kept Belle so their relationship could prosper and grow stronger

The Beast was soft and gentle with Belle but had a hard exterior to others

But with her love the Beast showed Belle her true colors

Day by day the Beast became more human again

Day by day Belle began to fall in love with the Beast and never had to pretend

They got each other in ways their past lovers never could

Belle wanted to be educated properly and the Beast wanted to be a Queen again so they were both understood

Belle was the heart and the Beast was the rock in the relationship

Over time they both decided that they should commit

They loved each other and each other’s personalities

Some in the village thought this was an unacceptable technicality

But they were all wrong

Because these two women truly did belong

They grew from each other and even got Gaston into prison

After the Beast became human again, Gaston snuck into the castle and killed a maid with wet bloody hands with evidence of crimson

With Gaston gone and these women loving each other, they ruled the kingdom

And their relationship was soon admired by all because of all of their wisdom.

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