Once upon a time

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 15:37 -- jdayem


While wishing upon a star

You stopped to think of who you are

A person who has school as the main equation 

And where fun no longer brings the same elation 


So you close your eyes and think of a day long ago

Where you still had time to learn and grow

When songs would always rhyme

And tales were as old as time


Where in a whole new world

A genie's phenomenal cosmic powers swirled

Making a street-rat into a handsome prince

And him falling in love with the princess just makes sense


A beast both selfish and unkind

Made a diffefrent fairy tale unwind

Where an enchanted rose was brought to him

And a young girl's love he had to win


A magical world under the sea

Held a girl who longed to be free

A collection of trinckets from up above

Led to the finding of her true love


A simple bippity-boppity-boo 

Let a cinder girl's dream come true

A prince who searched for a slipper's fit

Outdoing an evil step-mother's wit


The hi-ho of little men

Is where another story begins

A girl who was fairest of them all

Finds the men who aren't so tall


An evil fairy in all her spite

Placed a spell on a girl one night

Leaving true love's first kiss

To bring the kingdom to total bliss


Opening your eyes once more to look upon the sky

A Chesire grin appears along with a twinkle in your eye

Your childhood days are no longer as far as it seems

Because "Once upon a time" will always be in your dreams


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