Once Upon A Time

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:51 -- emkat95

A stretching green,

A deep blue.

Long spanish moss.

No fighting, no poverty, no sickness.

A radiant glow beaming from the sky.

Everyone's smile stretched sky high. 

Animals gallavanting without fear.

Trees looming in all their glorious years. 

Pollutants? No way.

Environmental issues? What's that you say?

Everything balanced and equal and fair,

all worries light as air. 

I dream of this place of perfection, where everything is set right.

It's always there, right on the edge of my mind, my heart, my sight. 

I have all these grand ideas, you know the ones you get in the shower that will change the world?

It's all just a fairytale, but that's alright

All will be set right with the coming of light.


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