Once Upon a Time

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 07:33 -- RosaB88

A Rose never picked,

a story never told. 

A beauty left alone

to choose her own way.

A tale as old as time,

never exists at all. 

What happens when it all gets taken away?


La belle settles down with her father for her own quiet life.

Both of her sisters become someone's wife.

Her brothers leave on an adventure on their own. 

The sweet child named Belle never leaves her own home.


The last petal on the rose falls to the ground.

For the beast, love never is found.

The court becomes still in the dark,

As the magic takes the last spark of hope from their hearts.


No story is told of a fantastical beast. 

No beauty is seen as the victim of disease.

The story of love never exists at all.

Without the picking of a rose by a father,

All for the love of his sweet, youngest daughter.


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