Once Upon A Time

 Once upon a time…

There were two sisters.

They always stuck together and always looked out for eachother.

There names were Drizella and Anastasia.

Drizella was the youngest and hated her name.

She went by Zella, for short.

Anastasia was the older sister and loved her red hair.

She always compared it to the Little Mermaids.

They were both big disney fans.


When there mother remarried another man, after their father's tragic passing, they were not very thrilled.

The man was honestly a bum with money.

A little after a year of marriage, the man walked out on all of them.

He also left his daughter behind.

Her name was Cinderella.

She was beautiful in everyway.

She made the two sisters very insecure.

The stepmother and two sisters didn’t have the heart to explain to Cindy her father just left her,

So they told her he had died.

She didn’t take this lightly.

She took her rage out on the stepmother and two sisters.

They just tried to take it because they understood she was going through grief.

They had been through this pain too.

This grief continued though.




Eventually a whole year until by of this cruel verbal abuse, which had developed into physical also.


One evening while having supper, the four women were enjoying there meal.

Anastasia brought up how a party at the palace was coming up.

Cinderella then responded with,
“Too bad you’re all too ugly to go, do really think they will let in a couple of stupid bra-”

Just then Cindy was cut off by her stepmother.

“Do you really think they will let in a self centered gripe like you?

Look at you, you think you can say or do whatever you want, because you’ve been through “so much.

Your dad died!

He’s gone!

No need to continue being this huge ignorant ass!”

Cinderella was in shock.

So were the two girls.

They had never heard her speak this way before.

Zella then looked at Cindy and spoke.

“How do you feel being called trash, huh?”

Anastasia then responded quick.

“I figure not well! Trash!”

They look at there mother for approval.

She nods.

The 2 sisters then bashed Cinderella.

Telling her how ugly she was.

How she had a terrible personality and daddy issues.

After the finished they locked Cinderella in her room.

The three women looked at each other just in some relief,

But feeling some guilt.

They agreed that once she learned her lesson they would treat her with respect again.  

Anastasia then called out,

“I’m going to go check the mail, I’ll return. Maybe we got invited to that ball ”

They all laughed and she left.



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