Once Upon a Final Day

Once upon a final day,

The ginger bread man tries to run away.

The big bad wolf is on the prowl,

The mirror on the wall smirks and scowls.


On that day, I sit at my desk,

Confined to the safety of Mother Goose’s nest.

But what if I want to go down the beanstalk and fight

The monsters that roam the streets at night?


If I could, I would start with negotiations,

To see if giants and goblins are interested in conversations.

But if not, then war it be,

Step sisters and evil queens are no match for me.


If needed, I’ll assemble an army of fairies and elves,

And help the princes and princesses arm themselves.

Together we would go to war,

Fighting the evil regime that we abhor.


Even if we do not win,

And the oil runs out for the man of tin,

I will know how to prepare

For the next journey to the dragon’s lair.


But for now, I remain—stowed away.

Mother Goose’s Golden Egg.

Feeling blocked from a world I yearn to see,

Protected from sharing the fate of Humpty Dumpty.


I love Mother Goose, but I must leave, I must go

Into the magical world below!


Today will be different, I must start my plan to be free

Of the pea under my mattress that’s been bothering me.

I will let down my hair and break from this well-meaning jail,

To scale down the beanstalk and write my own fairy tale.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully written, never stop expressing your heart and mind, please share more. 


Thank you so much for your encouraging words! :)

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